Glass Bottle Industry Products

  • New design and Replacement parts; 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 section Type "E" & "F" and improved design Type "F" 4 1/4 T.G. and 6 1/4 D.G., I.S. Machines.
  • Custom Fixturing and Tooling.
  • Custom hanger and insert design.
    • Invert Arms. Pyrotek's Infinity invert arms for use in an Individual Section (I.S.) Machine are made from high-quality castings.
    • Mold and Blank Links and Link Pins. Pyrotek's Infinity manufactures a wide selection of mold an blank links and pins for use in and Individual Section (I.S.) Machine.
  • 9000/9002 Servo stackers (10 years proven preformance).
  • Custom Control Cabinets and Junction Boxes.
  • Custom Cables.


Custom Robotics

  • Custom Designed Robotic Welders.